Comparison Of Hot Galvanized And Fiberglass Pultruded Cable Tray


Cable tray materials in production and application are composite epoxy resin, fiberglass and steel hot galvanized series. Cable tray with those materials have their own characteristics, details are as follows.

A.Fiberglass pultruded cable tray

It is manufactured with the pultrusion process, which uses special alkali-free untwisted pultrusion yarn, with the pultrusion resin and curing in high temperature.

Advantages of FRP cable tray system

1. convenient production, high production efficiency.

2. the special mold size ensures high precision products.

3. the price is less expensive than other materials.

4. easy installation

B. Hot galvanized steel series cable tray

The price is low, mechanical strength is high, but anti-corrosion performance is not good. The reasons are:

1. zinc can’t be used in a corrosive environment because the galvanized layer on the surface of zinc oxide is easily reacting with acid ions in the corrosion environment and cause the failure of its anti-corrosion performance.

2. anti-corrosive layer is very thin, which makes it is affected by the external force after damaged in transportation, installation and application, so the corrosive medium goes through the damaged part to the corrosion of the metal matrix spread the protective layer off and lost its protection function.

3. due to the anti-corrosion layer is very thin, the corrosive medium easily goes through the anti-corrosion layer penetration into the metal matrix lead to coating off to lose its protective function.

4. the installation cutout is inevitable in the process of cutting caused by the inconvenience caused by incision site vulnerable to corrosion, corrosion medium and from there spread to other parts of the.

5. the cable tray can achieve the standard of JB/T6743-1993TH level in a noncorrosive environment. It’s not easy to use this type of cable tray in the corrosive environment.

C. Composite epoxy resin cable tray

Composite epoxy resin cable tray uses a metal frame on both sides with a coating structure, and it has below advantages:

1. mechanical strength is high.

2. using a multi-stage structure to ensure high-performance products. It can be divided into anti-corrosion layer, reinforcing layer, bonding layer, metal lining and other parts.

3. anti-corrosive coating with high corrosion resistance ability to ensure product application in a strong corrosive environment and to extend the product service life, strengthening layer has a high mechanical strength, which is able to withstand the mechanical impact and won’t be destroyed and protect metal body not exposed, not corrosion and anti-corrosion performance to JB/T6473-1993WF2 level.

4. the use of patented technology of soft binding layer can not only ensure the anti-corrosion layer and the steel body of the bonding strength and to avoid temperature changes due to the difference of two kinds of the material coefficient of thermal expansion caused by stripping.

5. all sections of composite epoxy resin cable tray are not exposed even installed in the process of cutting caused by the incision is easy to perform two anti-corrosion treatment to ensure that the products perfect corrosion resistance.

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