The Relationship Between Pultrusion And Molded Craft


In many different kinds of fiberglass products, it has the highest similarity between molding FRP grating and pultrusion products. It’s different from molded craft, while produce FRP grating by pultrusion technology. FRP pultrusion technology is an assembly by bars, but the molding craft is not. You get the only product,while using the only mold.

The same features between mold craft and FRP pultrusin technology:

They are both the FRP production craft, also the product produced by those two ways can be combined. For example, when we install the operating platform, the key bars are FRP grating, but minor bars are pultrusion technology products, such as FRP  holder, FRP square tube and channel, bars and so on. In a word, the most similarity between them is to supplement each other.

The different features between molded craft and FRP pultrusin technology:

Relative to the similarity, the difference will be more.

1.The feature

pultrusion technology: fast production, easy operation, good variability(just change the mold, while producing the new production). As a result, the kind of pultrusion technology product is more than molding craft products.

Molded craft: the weakness is a mainly artificial operation, a waste of time, the mold can’t be changed, single product shape. But the advantage is stable property and durability.

2.Theory of production

Pultrusion technology product is produced by semi-automatic equipment, fast and easy operation, while the molding craft bars are made by artificial operation, a waste of time and complex operation.

3. Usage

they have different ranges and occasions of usage. For example, FRP bridge is made of pultrusion technology bars, but fiberglass molded grating can’t achieve it.

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