Pultruded Products And Mould For Cooling Tower Project


Cooling tower support is the key force bearing bracket in circulating water system, general materials are cast iron, steel-reinforced concrete and iron alloy, etc, and the material in different degrees exist unstable corrosion, rust, conductive, processing size limit, multi-joint, transportation and installation performance, maintenance cost is higher, and fiberglass pultruded profiles have a good performance on high strength, lightweight, high specific strength, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, which is an ideal substitute material.

The  Pultruded Product Structure Design

Due to the cooling tower filler bracket is a kind of bearing support, we must consider from the integral structure, lightweight, carrying capacity, choose the most suitable measure, the most economical cross-section structure, to achieve certain flexural, impact strength, to meet the requirements of cooling tower packing supports. Support section the general shape of a L type, I type, T type, according to the reports and experience, we recommend selecting the FRP I profile as a scaffold.

Pultrusion Mold design

The mold material is 40Cr, the inner surface of chrome, can reduce the traction force, reduce friction, prolong the service life of the die. According to the structure of the form is generally divided into the whole body and the combination of two types of mold. According to the technical requirements of the product, the combined type mold, also the hidden parts of the mold parting line design work in process (WIP), thus giving the products with good appearance, and to ensure that the mold cavity surface rough degree less than or equal to 0.2 and cavity straightness is less than or equal to 0.3mm. Because the die is a very important part of the pultrusion molding process, its quality directly affects the success of technology and product quality.

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