Pulwinding Process Advantages And Application


Pulwinding is a combination of pultrusion and filament winding process. Pulwound products have far higher transverse strength and stiffness than normally filament wound products.

Reinforcements consist of continuous, pre-stressed axial and biaxial glass fiber in five alternating plies, producing an extremely stiff, nonconductive tube. Unlike conventional filament wound or pultruded tubing, reinforcements are precisely oriented to optimize the stiffness to weight ratio. Axial fibers(0 degree) provide excellent tensile, compressive and flexural properties while biaxial (90 degree) fibers contribute burst, crush and transverse strengths.

If you use filament wound pipes/tubes before, as a substitution, you may use our pulwound pipes/tubes, which may be more suitable for your applications and save your cost. Pulwound pipes have higher fiber content, hence they are much more strong and stiffer.

Fiberglass pulwinding products application: aerospace, automotive, chemical processing, construction, consumer, electrical/utility, food&beverage, industrial, marine, manufacturing, military, infrastructure, offshore, oil&gas, petrochemical, power generation, pulp&paper, recreation, transportation, water/wastewater treatment.

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