Pultruded Gratings Production And Assembly


Fiberglass pultruded grating is a kind of composite product, it has the advantages of lightweight, high strength, corrosion resistance and other excellent properties, and it’s an ideal material to be used for replacing traditional gratings.

The design of pultruded gratings

There are three different section shapes pultruded FRP profiles according to specific assembly with a space plane plate.

Sectional shape

The FRP gratings need three kinds of profiles, which are used for bearing, distance and transverse connection element.

The bearing element commonly used sections of I type, I type, T type. In theory, type I better, because the load is the main element to subjected to bending loads, and the same cross-sectional area L profile bending section coefficient.

Fiberglass pultruded gratings production

According to the products need to use continuous glass fiber Twistless roving, fiberglass continuous felt, glass fiber surface mat or polyester fiber surface felt reinforced materials impregnated matrix after, in the molding equipment of traction under the action of, by heating the metal mold solidified at high temperatures to get continuous, smooth surface, stable dimension, high strength glass steel profiles. Pultrusion machine type and hydraulic crawler can machine traction should be more than 1500kg, traction speed can be adjusted in a range of 0.1~0.8m/min. Mould heating should be two or three district heating, in order to control the matrix material curing exothermic peak near the middle of the die, mold temperature zoning control in 80 – 200 degrees C range. Application of alloy die steel manufacturing, and processing and hardening of the mirror surface of the mold cavity, cavity size should be moderate amplification, to die compensation heat expansion and matrix material curing shrinkage of the product size effect.

Fiberglass gratings assembly

The assembly process is: the section cuts a section of drilling, the distance interval alone L slot gratings assembly. In molding process shall be with the special tool installed spacing hole processing clamp the I profiles and spacer element spacing groove, in order to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the hole, groove size and position, or assembled gratings will loose, warping, skew.

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