Carbon Fiber Materials And Carbon Fiber Tubes Introduction


Carbon fiber tube technical data:

The filament diameter: 0-8u

Tensile strength (MPa) ≥ 3500

The elastic modulus (MPa) ≥ 2.1*105

Fiber density: 1.74-1.79G/cm³

Elongation (%) ≥ 1.5

Carbon fiber can be made into cloth, mat, tape, paper and other materials. Carbon fiber can be used as insulation material, is generally not used alone, much as a reinforcing material is added to the resin, metal, ceramic, concrete and other materials, composite materials. Carbon fiber is mainly made of carbon fiber reinforced plastics application. The carbon fiber product is better than steel, use a very wide range of important materials such as the manufacture of rockets and spacecraft, making jet engines, corrosion resistant chemical equipment manufacturing. The composite material can be used as aircraft structural materials, carbon fiber reinforced materials, electromagnetic shielding inartificial ligament substitute materials used in the manufacture of rocket body and shell, motorboats, industrial robot, auto parts and driveshaft.

Pultruded carbon fiber axial strength and modulus are high, from the aspect of strength, the strength of the carbon fiber tube is about 5 times of steel. It has fatigue resistance, thermal expansion coefficient is small, chemical properties of carbon fiber tube is very stable, the deformation, of course, is relatively small. There is excellent heat resistance, are generally tolerated more than 2000℃. Pultruded carbon fiber tube or roller tube has good corrosion resistance, low density of fibers. But the oxidation occurs under the action of the acid, and metal composite will occur when the metal carbide, cementite and electrochemical corrosion. Therefore, carbon fiber surface treatment should be dealt with before application.

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