Pultrusion Equipment Electrical Control System And Lubricating Device


FRP pultrusion equipment electrical control system:

The control part is a relay circuit, repair is more convenient, easy to understand the objective. Thet can also be customized according to customer requirements of the PLC control system.

The heating part adopts the intelligent instrument, solid-state relay trigger. General control temperature could achieve ±1 degrees centigrade.

FRP pultrusion equipment lubricating device:

The equipment is designed for multi-channel transmission, many transmission mechanisms are set up in the interior, manual lubrication can not be achieved, so the internal structure of the equipment, joined the self lubricating device, each shift, or each of the operating time, so long as the operator hand pressure lubricating device for several times, can achieve the purpose of lubrication, thereby prolonging equipment the service life, reduce the equipment failure rate.

FRP pultrusion equipment appearance design:

Decorative coaming using 1mm cold rolling sheet, not easy to damage, the more beautiful, firm, embedded installation, convenient disassembly, maintenance more convenient, fast, so that the whole line is more fluent, stereo sense is stronger, the frame adopts blue paint, panel for computer gray.

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