Carbon Fiber Products Drilling


Carbon fiber composite material (CFRP) is made of carbon fiber as reinforced material, resin matrix composite material, because of its advantages of high specific strength and high specific stiffness, fatigue resistance, high-temperature resistance. They are widely used in aerospace applications, and has rapidly developed into one of the following aluminum, steel, titanium is four of Aerospace Structural materials.

There are two common production process, roller and pultrusion process.
The common problems of carbon fiber composite materials manual drilling
(1) the carbon fiber pultruded or roller products have high hardness, high hardness of HRC53~65 high speed steel hardness (equivalent to HRC62~65), so in the course of the drilling bit wear quickly.
(2) the thermal conductivity of drilling is small, and local heat is large, which is easy to produce the materials burn defect.
(3) the chip when drilling into dust, pollution of the environment, endangers human health. At the same time, the conductive carbon fiber chip to electrical equipment and power system short-circuits.
(4) low interlaminar strength, easy to produce the delamination in the drilling process.
(5) belong to the anisotropic material, the stress concentration of the larger hole, extremely easy to cause the tear, defects such as burrs.
How to resolve the drilling problem?
(1) when doing manual drilling, we should choose a sharp tool.
(2) Choose the tool with a higher drilling rate and good stability.
(3) Choose the suitable technique to reduce the instability of manual drilling.
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