FRP Products Corrosion Resistance Performance


At present, in the field of application of all materials, fiberglass is very corrosion-resistant materials with high strength besides steel. Products are mainly fiberglass gratings, pultruded rods, tubes, fiberglass tanks, FRP angle profiles, etc. This is a kind of new material, it doesn’t belong to steel, it is a kind of composite material. Now let’s introduce details of the material corrosion resistance.

FRP resistance depends on the corrosion of resin, less functional resin, the active resin is smaller, the resin will be more stable. Such as ester amide salt water is easily dissolved, easy to dissolve in acid, C-O and C-N polar bond hydrolysis, C-H is easily oxidized, these are chemical effects. Secondly, with glass fiber, filler, curing agent and the surface treatment agent is also relevant. The chemical medium except for chemical or physical effects on glass fiber and resin also plays a role in the bonding interface, which led to the destruction of glass steel. Therefore, a reasonable selection of materials and improve the resin crosslinking density is the key manufacturing corrosion resistant pultruded profiles. Temperature, concentration, resin varieties of one of the three factors play a dominant role, only according to the specific circumstances. For different resin, they have different corrosion resistance performance, phenolic resin with high solvent resistance, alkali resistant epoxy amine cured epoxy resin acid anhydride curing is better, better, better comprehensive performance of polyester resin, wherein the bisphenol A type polyester resin has better corrosion resistance than ordinary (50℃), vinyl ester resin new type of corrosion-resistant epoxy resin is better (50-90℃).

Corrosion resistance performance of fiberglass pultruded profile is not static, we still need to do other anti-corrosion work for such products when appropriate. After all, prolong the service life will be of great significance in the application of FRP products. An outstanding representative of fiberglass material is fiberglass grating, the strong corrosion resistance of gratings is also relative to the quality of the resin.

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