Carbon Fiber Sheet


Carbon fiber sheet, including carbon fiber cloth and carbon fiber board, mainly used in building reinforcement, from twentieth Century 60’s to the present, it has been widely used. It has a high specific strength, high specific modulus, resistance to hundreds of thousands of degrees Celsius temperature, acid and alkali, and other chemical substances are also very good corrosion resistance.

Different from pultruded sheet, carbon fiber cloth manufacturing method is not complicated, the carbon fiber is woven into cloth. Carbon fiber board manufacturing method is according to the required size and thickness, the carbon fiber cloth to stack up the pre impregnated resin, and then the high temperature pressed into plate. That is, when the critical pre coating reinforcement, effect. Carbon fiber materials woven carbon fiber cloth, the carbon fiber wire is difficult to fully work together, when subjected to load, the part should be at higher force levels of carbon fibers first reached the tensile strength and from the working state, and the use of pre coating, the concrete surface in all the directions of the strain transfer to carbon fiber cloth, the carbon fiber can work very well and greatly improve the tensile strength of the carbon fiber cloth.

The construction method of carbon fiber sheet is more simple than the use of other materials. First, the need to strengthen the site clean, coated with resin, and then put on a carbon fiber sheet. Large machinery, a lot of manpower and material resources are not needed, construction cycle is short,and  the effect is significant.

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