Pultruded Profile Corrosion Resistance


Fiberglass pultruded profiles corrosion resistance is very important and unique characteristic, in recent years, resistance to corrosion of FRP products application progressed very quickly. Because of its particularity, it hasn’t been formulated dominate the corrosion resistance of the test method. Electrochemical corrosion mechanism of resin matrix composites with ordinary steel is different, it not conductive, in the electrolyte solution can’t be dissolved ion, thus it is a good chemical stability of the atmosphere, water, and the general concentration of acid, alkali, salt and other medium, especially in non oxidation of acid and a wide range of PH value range of medium has good stability. Therefore, it is now widely used in production of corrosion resistant products, used for environments that stainless steel can’t deal with some of the media (such as hydrochloric acid, chlorine, carbon dioxide, dilute sulfuric acid and sodium hypochlorite and sulfur dioxide) corrosion, played a good role. Although the corrosion resistance of pultruded profiles in the city has been known to us, the number of different units in the implementation of corrosion resistance test is very large, there is no relative comparability. Preserved paste products mainly uses the ring oxygen natural resin, bisphenol a polyester natural resin, natural furan resin, model pressure into products mainly use the natural phenolic resin, civilwork anticorrosion and facilities lined with corrosion is mainly ring oxygen natural resins, phenolic natural resin, natural furan resin, resistance to corrosion of glass steel is applied more and more widely, but how to choose resistant to corrosion fiberglass material accurately and reasonably is a very important problem.

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