Advantages Of Filament Winding Products


Filament winding forming process is soaked continuous fiber resin solution (or fabric, prepreg) according to certain rules of winding to the core mold, and then after curing and demolding to obtain the product. According to the physical and chemical state of filament winding molding resin matrix, it can be divided into dry, wet and semi winding.

Advantages Of Filament Winding Products
Firstly, according to the stress status of product design of winding rule, that can give full play to the strength of the fiber;
The high specific strength: Generally speaking, pressure vessel steel containers compared with the same volume and the same pressure of filament wound can reduce the weight of 40~60%;
The high reliability: filament wound products easy to realize the mechanization and automation of production, process condition is determined, the stable quality of products tied out, accurate;
The high production efficiency: use of mechanization or automation production, need to operate fewer workers, winding speed (240m/min), so the high labor productivity;
The low cost: in the same products, reasonable distribution of several kinds of materials(including resin, fiber and lining), the composite, achieve the best technology and economy effect.