Pultruded Profile Surface Coating Advantages


The advantages of the surface coating technology of fiberglass pultruded profiles as follow:

1. The surface of the FRP reinforced plastic products may be not satisfactory because of technology, raw materials, temperature and so on. Using the technology of surface coating on the surface of fiberglass tubes, rods, angles, beams and other FRP profiles, it can improve the quality of the products, so as to reduce the scrap rate.

2. In certain conditions, the relative lower cost alkali fiber, general resin to replace non alkali fiber, resistant corrosion resin when there is no high requirement on the strength performance, and that will reduce the cost of raw materials. The use of alkali fiber instead of alkali free fiber can save cost up to 7%.

3. The surface coating technology of the glass fiber can also improve the utilization rate of additives, such as UV absorbers, antioxidants, etc. Because these additives only need to be used in the surface layer.

4. The aging of pultruded profiles generally start from the surface, and mainly in the range of 0.7mm. Mainly in the surface of the fiber exposed. Surface coating technology can improve the utilization rate of additive.

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