Carbon Fiber Tube Hardness


It’s difficult for some people to tell the hardness and strength of materials. Actually, strength refers to the materials under the action of external force, its fracture resistance and plastic deformation capacity. However, the hardness is a comprehensive index, including strength, elastic, plastic and other parties. As we all know, the tensile strength of carbon fiber tube(pultruded tube and roller tube) much higher than fiberglass tubes, then what’s the hardness of the composite tube?

Carbon fiber precursor fiber is made of pre oxidation, carbonization, carbon tube is achieved by the original fiber pultrusion or winding process. There is no lines on the surface of pultrusion tube, about winding tube, according to different process, it  can be made to different tubes with beautiful appearance. Carbon fiber tube is widely used currently. It can be used for fishing rod, racket, golf club, sailing masts, flagpole, it also can be made into mechanical parts, such as the scaffold.

Carbon fiber tube is brittle, and the hardness is not very high. There will be no problem in the ordinary shear process, we we should note when drilling holes. Because the impact force on one point when drilling holes, the carbon fiber tube will break if we don’t pay much attention to it.

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