Fiberglass Gratings Are Used For Washing Room


Fiberglass gratings used for washing room is very common, there are several reasons:

1. The car washroom fiberglass pultruded and molded gratings have high strength, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, long service life, about 40-50 years. The washing room dedicated FRP grating generally choose 38*38*38 specifications, the specifications of glass steel grille weighing up to 4 tons per square. So, not afraid of fiberglass gratings crushed. In addition, glass steel grille corrosion resistance, no matter what uses a bad environment, has little effect on him.
2. washing room staff do not have to wear the boots. Because the car wash shop on the fiberglass gratings, car wash, the direct water flow away, staff will not be splashed feet. Especially in the cold weather in winter, the washing room selection of glass steel grill laying is a good choice.
The car washroom fiberglass gratings have three advantages: one is the glass steel density, high strength, solid than steel, lighter than aluminum, only the general percentage of steel 1/4-1/16, and the mechanical strength is 3-4 times of steel; two is the existence of low-temperature resistant characteristics of glass steel moment; three is the existence of good acid and alkali resistance and there is no magnetic characteristics.
The car wash glass steel grille cutting safety measures:
In the cutting front, the operator should wear protective glasses and masks to prevent the blocks, splashing into eyes, reduce dust inhalation; wear gloves and overalls, prevent dust from entering the skin allergy; choose good ventilation, light bright place for cutting; cutting should be checked before the electric tool all is intact, safety.
Characteristics of car washroom fiberglass gratings
1, resistance to various chemical medium corrosion, never rust, long use period, free of maintenance.
2, flame retardant.
3, insulation, never burning, no magnetism.
4, with slight elasticity, it can reduce fatigue, enhance comfort, improve work efficiency.
5, lightweight, high strength, easy cutting, installation.
6, the internal and external uniform color, and color can be an arbitrary choice. The car wash glass steel grille can customize the color according to customer requirements, improve the production environment.
7, have a better comprehensive economic benefit.
8, strong in design, flexible dimensions, dimensional stability.
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