FRP Products Application in Public Transportation


1. Streamlined power car can carriage

FRP (glass fiber reinforced plastics) composite material products can be used as car body, its advantages can be summarized as follows: its relative mass density is only 1 / 5 ~ 1/ 4 of steel, and the strength is large; the ratio of the strength is 2 times than that of the lead alloy, which is 4 times than that of steel, which is in accordance with the requirements of light weight of  the rail traffic. It has good impact resistance. The process is simple, the cost is low, and can be shape at one time; production equipment investment cost is about 1 / 40 ~ 1 / 30 of the aluminum alloy car body. The design, optimization design of the carbody structure provides a wide degree of freedom. The acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, service life more than the stainless steel material. The diamagnetic, insulation, sound insulation, low thermal conductivity properties.

2. Anti collision energy absorbing device for locomotive

In recent years, the safety of the car has been paid more attention by the world. The head of the power train of the high speed train is designed as an important part of the design and manufacture of high speed train.

3. Application of other components

The fiberglass pultruded profiles can also be used in the structure floor of the car body, the doors and windows, the frame, the high performance Trailer bogie and so on.

4. Car inner decoration board, sanitation facilities and other equipment including car roof, the medial wall, floor system; luggage rack, sleeper pillar, table, chair, and various electrical box, insulation panel, a lamp post, telephone booths, etc.; water tanks, cooling box, whole toilet, bathroom, set system, garbage cans.

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