Carbon Fiber Tubes Applications


The most excellent performance of carbon fiber is that the specific strength and specific modulus exceed that of ordinary reinforcing fibers, and the specific strength and specific modulus of the composite material formed by it and resin are about 3 times higher than that of steel and aluminum alloy. Carbon fiber tubes are used in many fields.

Carbon Fiber Tubes Applications

Carbon Fiber Tubes


Due to the advantages of a lightweight, high rigidity, high strength, stable size, and good thermal conductivity, carbon fiber composite materials have long been applied to artificial satellite structures, solar panels, and antennas. Nowadays, most of the deployed solar cells on artificial satellites are made of carbon fiber composite materials, and some of the more critical components on space stations and space-to-earth transportation systems are also made of carbon fiber composite materials.

Carbon Fiber Drone

Carbon fiber tubes also perform well in UAV applications and can be applied to different body parts of UAVs in practical applications, such as arms, racks, etc. Compared with aluminum alloy materials, the application of carbon fiber tubes on drones can reduce the weight by about 30%, which can improve the load capacity and endurance of drones. The carbon fiber tube has the advantages of high tensile strength, corrosion resistance, and good shock resistance, which effectively guarantee the life of the drone.

Mechanical Equipment

The application of carbon fiber composite materials on the robot end picker The end picker is a tooling fixture used in the transfer process of the stamping production line. It is installed on the loading and unloading robot of the press, and the end picker is driven by trajectory teaching. The workpiece is transported. Among the many new materials, the voice of carbon fiber composite materials is the highest.

Carbon Fiber Mechanical Arm

The proportion of carbon fiber composite is less than 1/4 of steel, but its strength is several times that of steel. The robotic pickup made of carbon fiber composite can reduce the shaking and self-burden during the handling of automobile parts, and its stability can be greatly improved.

Light chemical equipment

The carbon fiber tube can be used as the carbon fiber roller shaft of the roller body and can be widely used in printing, paper making, plastic, textile, film, lithium battery pole piece winding machines, and other industries. This kind of application is relatively simple in structural design, but carbon fiber itself has a high level of technology. The more accurate the requirements of the machine on the dynamic balance and concentricity of the idler, the more directly the technical indicators of the carbon fiber pipe affect the stability of the high-speed rotation of the idler and the performance of the whole machine.

In addition to the above fields, carbon fiber composites also appear in rail transit, wind power, medical devices, and other fields, and are widely used. With the continuous breakthrough in the manufacturing and subsequent processing technology of carbon fiber raw materials, the price of carbon fiber raw materials is expected to become more user-friendly.

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