Fiberglass Rods Applications and Advantages


What are fiberglass rods?

Fiberglass (FRP) Rod is a pultruded FRP composite material, which is a thermosetting elastic material formed by continuous glass fiber roving and resin under the traction of a pultrusion molding machine.

Fiberglass Rods Applications and Advantages

Fiberglass Hollow Rods

What are the advantages of fiberglass rods?

  • Good elasticity: good elasticity, no breaking when bent.
  • Insulation and non-conduction: It has good electrical insulation, no electromagnetic and sparks, and can be used in equipment areas with conductive hazards and magnetic sensitivity, and can also be used in flammable and explosive places.
  • Safety: FRP profiles will not generate sparks due to collision during installation and use, and are especially suitable for flammable and explosive environments. In addition, the profiles with anti-slip surfaces prevent sliding, reduce accidents, and are easy to install and maintenance-free.
  • Glass fiber rods are bright in color and beautiful in appearance: glass fiber is made by mixing color paste into all resins. Its color is bright and does not fade easily. Does not require paint and has a self-cleaning effect.
  • Anti-shock and anti-fatigue of glass fiber rods: high impact strength, can be bent repeatedly without permanent deformation.
  • Glass fiber rods are high temperature resistant and flame retardant: the coefficient of thermal expansion is much lower than that of ordinary plastics. Excellent mechanical properties at low temperatures. It will not melt at high temperatures. The high-temperature range is -50oC-180 C.
  • Good designability and machinability: suitable resin matrix and reinforcement materials can be selected according to customer requirements and use environment for production; good machinability, can be cut, drilled, turned, and ground.
Fiberglass Rods Applications and Advantages

Fiberglass Solid Rods

Fiberglass rods are widely used in fiber optic cable reinforcement cores, sports equipment products, flag poles, car roof poles, tent poles, grain machine suspenders, curtain poles, sign poles, exhaust fan columns, automotive antennas, construction, bridge reinforcement, mechanical drive shafts, Golf clubs, garden fences, kite skeletons, aluminum film balloon skeletons, umbrella skeletons, bracket blanket skeletons, aircraft model skeletons, luggage skeletons, fishing gear accessories, etc. The specifications are: diameter 0.6mm—-50mm (commonly used specifications), Special specifications can be molded and produced according to customer needs.

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