Carbon Fiber Tubes Machining


Carbon fiber tube can be called as carbon tube, it is made by  the carbon fiber which is pultruded or winding after saturated with resin. As we all know, winding tube has woven patterns, pultrusion tube doesn’t have any pattern lines, all of them are black. Carbon fiber is an anisotropic material, the strength and thermal expansion coefficient are not the same at different directions, and it has brittleness, today we’ll talk about carbon fiber tube machining process.

The most common processing method of the tube is connected as well as drilling hole cutting. About the drilling, the carbon fiber tube drilling requires very high technology. The performance of the varies directions carbon tubes is different, and the high strength and brittleness. If the force is too small to drill holes, and the force is too hard to break. Its price is expensive, the material scrap will be large. So the control of the force is particularly important. The drill bit also should have good quality.

There are three main ways of connecting tubes, the first one is the use of epoxy resin, the second way is the use of its own structure, the third is connection by drilling holes. Epoxy resin is a good adhesive and curing agent. This material can be used in many carbon fiber tubes forming process . When we use its own structure to connect the tubes, structure and force bearing should be considered, joint materials may also be used.

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