The Classification Of Fiberglass Gratings


In general, the classification of fiberglass gratings can be divided into four types according to the application of the products and their own characteristics, and offer people more types to choose from.

In accordance with the fiberglass pultruded and molded gratings frequently used classification series product, can be roughly the glass steel grille series products are divided into a few categories:

A. fiberglass gratings cover plate

The antiskid performance of the so-called can in the fiberglass gratings cover plate better reflected, such as sand cover grill, pattern cover grill, etc..

The surface of the fiberglass gratings cover plate can be smooth, nonslip surface sanding surface or non-skid tread surface, the thickness of gratings cover plate for general 4.0cm, can also be based on customer size production, the cover is often used at the request of the confined region, used for sewage treatment facilities, can prevent corrosion and prevent gas spillover, anti slip cover grill may also be used as a ramp, manhole cover, trench cover.

B. conductive fiberglass gratings

fiberglass gratings belong to the insulator, not conductive, heat, but on some specific occasions, there are also conducting requirements for fiberglass gratings. The specific operation method is added on the surface of the graphite layer thickness of about 3~5mm, eliminating the danger of electrostatic charge generation. Conductive fiberglass gratings are the same as traditional has corrosion resistance, flame retardant, anti-impact, anti-slip, lightweight and other characteristics, is suitable for use in refineries, ammunition manufacturers, high-tech industry, computer room, chemical fiber factory, dry area and underground mining operations and other fields.

C. microporous fiberglass gratings

Aisle hole design fiberglass gratings than aluminum gratings, low cost and corrosion-resistant steel. Microporous FRP grating is particularly applicable to the cart and wheelchair walking can prevent drop double microporous gratings surface gadgets and other items. Microgrid to meet the 15mm diameter ball test, suitable for trench cover, coastal platform, semiconductor and communication area, computer room.

D. flat fiberglass plate

Flat fiberglass cover plate is made of glass fiber mesh cloth, glass fiber chopped strand mat and resin through the artificial hand lay-up and solidifying, surface flat fiberglass cover plate can be smooth, and anti-slip pattern antiskid sanding surface. In general, flat fiberglass cover plate and fiberglass gratings plate are used in combination, and that’s the fiberglass grating.

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