Caterpillar Pultrusion Production Line


Caterpillar pultrusion production line is controlled by the PLC, it includes continuous traction and automatic cutting. This production line is made up of six parts, such as the roving creel, the dipping glue and the pre forming system, the pultrusion mold, the continuous pultrusion machine, the cutting saw and the unloading frame.

The production process of the glass fiber reinforced plastic production line is fully mechanized and automatic control, and the production efficiency is high. Temperature control with high precision, dual display instrument, traction speed digital display. The quality of the product is stable, good repeatability, the production process without scrap materials, raw materials, labor saving, energy consumption. The caterpillar pultrusion production line is mainly used in producing all kinds of fiberglass pultruded profiles, composite wire core such as FRP cable protection pipe, fiberglass pipe, frp bar, glass fiber reinforced plastic rod, kite bar, FRP tent poles. Products are widely used in various fields: electrical, anti-corrosion engineering, construction industry, transportation, sports entertainment and other aspects.

Caterpillar pultrusion production line is in sole possession of the mold frame design, the production process can realize three-dimensional adjustment, effective in compressing the length of 4 meters, it is conducive to the production of hollow thin-walled profiles, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene chain guide, wear and protection products from pollution, overall opening and closing type traction frame, convenient adjustment, effectively guarantee the traction and product in the same direction.

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