Fiberglass Enclosures Introduction


Unicomposite fiberglass enclosures are an innovative space solution that can satisfy virtually any equipment enclosure need. Whether you need permanent results, portable options, or expandable structures, a fiberglass enclosure is a smart choice.

When you need durability, ease of handling and customizing options, we’ve got you covered. Our impact resistant, maintenance-free fiberglass enclosures are designed to protect against the toughest elements in the harshest environments.
Enclosures give you the ultimate in design flexibility through a variety of sizes. Choose a size and increase or decrease your space over time with our versatile fiberglass components.
Design Flexibility our innovative fiberglass building enclosures allow you the flexibility to tailor a building solution based on your needs. Available choices include a variety of lengths and widths, customized design and footprints, as well as interior and exterior options.
Some pultruded profiles can be offered with enclosures for joint.
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