Chemical Factory Fiberglass Grating



More and more factories have realized the advantages of FRP grating application, especially in chemical plants. Because of the special corrosive environment of chemical plants, the corrosion resistance of factory components is required to be high. In this paper, we understand the three reasons for chemical plants to choose fiberglass grille.


Many chemical plants use fiberglass grille as the pavement material to make the operating platform, because of its lightweight, compared with steel, three-quarters of the weight, so the installation does not need to use lifting equipment, as the operating platform supported on the equipment is more suitable.  Fiberglass grating cutting is very convenient, the use of an arc cutting saw can be very convenient to open the hole to meet the requirements of installation equipment, and will not cause the change of mechanical properties of the grid due to the opening, not to cause the scattered grid.  For mobile operating platforms, the use of a lightweight FIBERglass grille is more suitable.

Chemical Factory Fiberglass Grating

Chemical plants choose FRP grating for three reasons:


First, in the corrosive chemical industry, FRP grille can effectively prevent corrosion, ensure that all the work can be normal operation, aisle guardrail safe and reliable, so a good guarantee of personnel safety.  In some electrical workshops, fiberglass provides excellent insulation, thus reducing the risk of electrical conduction on the operating platform.


Second, inflammable and explosive places if the use of metal grating may cause sparks due to static electricity fire accidents, GLASS fiber reinforced plastic grating has good insulation, can completely avoid these problems, in addition, glass fiber reinforced plastic itself has good fire resistance and flame retardant performance.


Third, on the slippery floor surface, FRP grating has good anti-skid bearing performance, laying in some necessary places to effectively reduce the accident caused by sliding, bearing performance is strong and long life can also maintain a safe environment for a long time.


FRP gratings have more than these performance advantages, it also has very superior acid resistance, alkali resistance, resistance to organic solutions and salts, and many other corrosive media.  Because of the high resin content and aging resistance, the service life is at least twice that of the traditional grille.  If the manufacturer has requirements for size, specification, and color, it can also be customized according to the needs, to better meet the requirements of various places.

Chemical Factory Fiberglass Grating

In summary, the chemical industry choose FRP grating for three reasons are these, fiberglass grating is widely used, sewage treatment plants, power plants, food manufacturers can be used, to learn more about the problem of fiberglass grating welcome to contact us at any time.

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