Application Of FRP Rod In Aquaculture


When it comes to the application scope of FRP rod, you may not be very clear, but in life, you must have seen, many common products in life are now using FRP rollers as raw materials.


The above superior characteristics of pultrusion composites are widely used in mechanical structure parts, insulation parts, high-frequency stress parts, and other functional structural parts


There are many kinds of FRP pultruded profiles: FRP rod, round tube, square tube, etc.


The basic composition of pultruded FRP profiles is resin and glass fiber (including cloth, felt, etc.). It takes fiber (including glass fiber, carbon fiber, organic fiber, and other metal, non-metal fiber) as reinforcement material, and resin (mainly epoxy resin). Polyresin, phenolic resin) for the adhesive, auxiliary other auxiliary materials (main materials: release agent, curing agent, catalyst, sealing agent, UV light stabilizer, cleaning water, gel coat, etc.) composite. It has a series of excellent characteristics such as high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, small specific gravity, low moisture absorption, small extension, and good insulation.


FRP rods series:


It has lightweight, high strength, good elasticity, durable, cost-saving, dimensional stability, and precision, and has excellent characteristics such as insulation, no heat conduction, flame retardant, beautiful and easy maintenance, so it is the best product to replace steel and other materials in corrosive environment engineering.


Below, we will take a detailed inventory of the use of FRP round rods in life.


1 can be used as a scaffold. For example, camping tent frame, mosquito net frame for home use, umbrella frame, takeaway box frame, advertising display frame, greenhouse frame, and so on.


2 can be processed into some leisure goods. Such as fishing rods, bows and arrows, golf clubs, and so on.


3 can be processed into some daily necessities. Such as clothes poles, curtain poles, clothes poles, broom, mop, and so on.


4 can be processed into industrial supplies. Such as mine tunnel reinforcement with the support rod.


Application of FRP rod in aquaculture


  1. Lobster rake: a large rake is often used in the aquaculture of lobster fish. The fishing process not only saves a lot of labor and energy but also is economical and practical.

Application Of FRP Rod In Aquaculture

  1. Fiberglass fishing rods: FRP material has been popular in recreational fishing boats, Fishing rod made of FRP material, this kind of FRP fiber toughness and not easy to break and deformation, lightweight and water corrosion resistance, improve the durability and practical stability, in the service life and strength have different degrees of improvement.


Application Of FRP Rod In Aquaculture

  1. Seaweed cultivation FRP rods: FRP deep-water rods and support rods for FRP marine aquaculture, produced by pultrusion process. Seaweed farming is most afraid of wind and waves, while seaweed farming glass fiber reinforced plastic rods can still stand tall after experiencing a strong typhoon. Laver cultivation FRP rods in deeper seas are more solid than ordinary rod materials in terms of wall thickness, pipe diameter, and length, which are unmatched by traditional Moso bamboo. The life span of laver cultivation FRP rods is also longer than that of traditional Moso bamboo, which is reduced. The amount of fishermen’s annual replacement of bamboo poles has relatively increased the output of the laver.

Application Of FRP Rod In Aquaculture

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