Application of FRP grating


FRP grating is a kind of FRP profile, which is often used in chemical plants, Marine construction, food and beverage processing, paper industry, sewage treatment and transportation, and other industries.

FRP pultrusion grid mainly uses pultrusion steel bars as load-bearing bars, and various round or special-shaped steel bars as horizontal bars. The horizontal bars and load-bearing bars are fixed together by a certain distance with an adhesive to form a fiberglass grid.

Application of FRP grating Application of FRP grating

Fiberglass grating application place:

Maintenance walkways

Drain cover

Large container


Trash rack


Biochemical water treatment tank hanger

Ventilation window

The stairs

Cooling tower console paving stair board

Operating platform, guardrail

Double floor

Groove plate


Application of FRP grating Application of FRP grating Application of FRP grating Application of FRP grating

Replace metal grille, a wooden platform, cover cement ground, bleaching and dyeing pool, floor, the left side of the valve and other power plants: chemical water workshop trench cover plate, wastewater pool metal surface treatment: pickling liquor place, replace the wooden floor around the machine, around the highly corrosive containers, electroplating line walkway, double-layer overhead Marine food processing plant.

Bad environment, such as smooth appearance, transport platform on the ship, ship deck, walkway, military minesweeper, stair treads. Beverage industry: stair pedal, replace expensive stainless steel, load ground pulp, and processing plant: stair pedal and floor, floor walkway, central electronics industry high humidity groove cover, pickling workshop, anti-static and high cleanliness workshop. Meatpacking plant: The air and stairs are susceptible to corrosion. Parking space, car wash tank cover plate.

Application of FRP grating Application of FRP gratingApplication of FRP gratingApplication of FRP grating

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