Features and Application of FRP Grating Fence


This kind of FRP grating product has strong stability, good corrosion resistance and aging resistance.  In modern society, fire should be very close to us, and it is quite common in our life.  In order to prevent unnecessary trouble caused by fire, FRP grating has a good flame retardant performance.  In addition, there is its color and appearance is very beautiful, is certainly will not fade.  From these characteristics, this is also a good way to buy FRP grille.  

The main function of the FRP grating fence is to play the role of safety protection. It is a frame structure based on FRP square tubes or round tubes. The FRP grating is used as the main protective surface, and then the parts are connected together using a variety of connectors.

Features and Application of FRP Grating Fence

Features of FRP grating fence

Compared with metal guardrail, FRP grating fence has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, aging resistance and long service life. It is light weight and high strength. Even if it is restricted by the self-resistance force, irreversible deformation or damage will not occur. Various colors, such as green, yellow, gray, etc. Because of its light weight, it is very convenient to install or cut. Comprehensive performance and high economic benefits.

Application of FRP grating fence

The application range of FRP grating fence products is very wide, not only in our cities, it is more common. It’s also widely used in municipal engineering, transportation, communities, ports, airports, storage and other fields. Specific uses include stair guardrails, platform and walkway guardrails, poolside fences, chemical storage tank fences, lawn guardrails, factory guardrails, and high-speed guardrails. , Highway guardrail, municipal guardrail, power equipment guardrail, oil field fence, etc.

Features and Application of FRP Grating Fence                  Features and Application of FRP Grating Fence

The application scope of FRP grid is roughly distributed in: equipment platform, drilling platform, floor, stair pedal, bridge walkway, pedestrian bridge, fence, equipment fence, airport lighting fence, scaffolding, ventilation grille, decorative grille, cleaning frame, corrosion resistant grille and other places.

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