Common application of FRP trench cover plate


Common application of FRP trench cover plate

FRP trench cover plate performance is superior, the product characteristics have many advantages, both in industrial production and life can be seen, so what is the common application of FRP trench cover plate, we look together.

FRP trench cover plate is mainly used for laying ditches, walkways, operating platforms, stair walkways, stair bars, floors, trench cover plates, walkways, pedestrian overpasses, equipment safety bars and scaffolding. FRP trench cover plate has excellent characteristics such as corrosion resistance, flame retardant, strong anti-slip, light weight, easy installation, maintenance free, insulation and so on. Compared with traditional materials such as steel, aluminum, stainless steel and alloy steel, it has different degrees of superiority. It is suitable for operating platform, stairway, cover plate, building decoration and other occasions. In humid heat rust, acid and alkali corrosion, high-altitude dew and other fields has an unparalleled role.

Common application of FRP trench cover plate

Common application places of FRP trench cover plate:

1, the application of petrochemical industry, because of its excellent corrosion resistance, FRP is widely used in the petroleum and chemical industry for power and pneumatic line support, generator radiator, stairs and handrails, operating platform, aisle. Fuel tank, switchboard and power distribution room, drainage pipe and drainage system, berth identification mark and submarine identification mark, pumping rod of oil well, packing support in tower, filter plate support, etc.

2, the application of the power industry, because of its superior performance, extruded profiles are widely used as insulating supporting components, high voltage cable tray, antenna column, high voltage current operating rod.

3, the application of the construction industry, can be used as roof support, building guardrail, wall reinforcement grille.

4, Sewage treatment, water supply and drainage, chemical oil, electric power, paper making, engineering construction, textile printing and dyeing ship.

5, life: community walk, garden fountain cover, stair pedal, car wash grille cover.

6, In the factory: sewer cover plate, pool cover plate, operation platform, stair pedal, floor walkway.

7, urban greening: well cover, cable trench cover, trench cover, trench cover, lower ditch cover, pipeline cover, tree grate, and so on.

Common application of FRP trench cover plate

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