Composite Material Recycling Way to Ascend


It is understood that the fiber reinforced thermosetting resin composite material recycling methods mainly include mechanical recycling, heat recovery and chemical recycling, which is the most development prospects with recovery of chemical recovery.

At present, the mechanical recycling is mainly using high temperature or strong oxidizing agent non selectively damage the chemical structure of resin matrix and small molecular degradation products and reinforcing fiber, its degradation product components are complex, difficult to recycle and fiber damage serious.

Degradation and recycling of thermosetting resin new ideas for recycling fiber damage small, selective break chemical bonds of substrate degradation products of a single, is beneficial to use again;At the same time, the research through the regulation of metal ion complexing state selective activation and fracture key or C – C – N O key, has important scientific value.

Because of three dimensional structure of insoluble don’t melt, the recycling of thermosetting resin is difficult.A few days ago, the Chinese academy of sciences of shanxi MeiHuaSuo xiang-lin hou team to realize the high efficient degradation of thermosetting resin matrix composite and recycling all ingredients, recycling is of great value to its composite material.

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