Pultrusion Process Equipment Installation


1. To send felt and yarn device

Send yarn device mainly placement fiberglass roving、yarn corps and yarn creel use for production required. It is generally very tight and can reduce the covers an area of. The size is depending on the yarn corps quantity and also depend on product’s size. General requirements stable、easy to replace yarn and any more.General have two form is frame and comb chassis and can install truckle to move.

Send yarn device main is material shelf to place various mat material and successfully export.In the process of transport. It would not give the mat material increase tension.Mat material usually not soak gule and directly send to mould.

2. Dipping unit

Dipping unit consist of resin tank, guide roller, pressure roller, yarn grid, rubber roller. In groove have yarn guide pressure roller. Resin tank around must to form angle.The roving in entering or leaving the resin tank, bending Angle is not too big to increase tension.In order to regulate the temperature of the resin, the resin tank are equipped with heating device, it is particularly important for epoxy resin pultrusion.

3. Preforming device

Preforming device is according to the requirement of the varieties of products saturating resin reinforced material gradually remove excess resin, eliminate air bubbles, the yarn for products and felt together, reasonably and accurately to ensure their relative position and make its shape gradually condensed and close to import shape of forming dies.And then into the mold, molding curing.Preforming device has no fixed pattern, according to the shape of the products and the request to design and operation habits.

4. Preforming tool

Into a mould is one of the important tools, pultrusion technology molding cross sectional area and the ratio of the cross section area of generally should be greater than or equal to 10, to ensure that the mold has enough strength and stiffness, after heating uniformity and stability of heat distribution.Molding is based on the length of the forming process of drawing speed and resin gel curing speed decided, when be being pulled in place to ensure that products reach demoulding curing degree.Generally USES steel chrome plating, cavity surface must be clean, wear resistance, in order to reduce the frictional resistance in pultrusion and improve the service life of mould.

5. Traction equipment

Traction deviceLed led machine is the host in pultrusion process, it must have a clamping and traction two big functions, clamping force, traction and traction speed must be adjustable.Tractors have tracked and hydraulic type two kinds big.The characteristics of crawler tractor is shipped to move smoothly and speed variation is small, simple structure, is suitable for the production of symmetrical surface profiles, rods, tubes, etc.The other is a hydraulic puller, a compact volume, inertia small, can realize stepless speed regulation in large range, the smooth movement, to match the electrical, compressed air, can achieve a variety of automation, used in glass fiber reinforced plastic products pultrusion is very appropriate.

6. Craction equipment

Generally adopt the standard disk saw type synthetic diamond saw blade, manual cutting and automatic cutting. Automatic cutting machine can provide guarantee for pultrusion production automation, higher efficiency.

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