Epoxy FRP Pipe Characteristics


Epoxy FRP pipe characteristics are as follows:
1)Diverse forms
Various resins, curing agents, modifiers can be adapted to the requirements of the system a summary of the application form presented, which can range to the low viscosity of the high-melting solid.

2)Convenient cured
Choose a variety of different curing agents, epoxy pultruded resin systems can be cured at a temperature of nearly 0 ~ 180 ℃ range.

3)Strong adhesive force
Inherent in the presence of an epoxy pultruded resin molecular chain polar hydroxyl group and an ether bond, so that a variety of material with high adhesion. When the epoxy resin curing low shrinkage, internal stress is small to generated, which also helps to improve the adhesion strength.

4)Low contractility

The reaction of epoxy resins and curing agents used by direct addition reaction of epoxy resin molecules or ring-opening the polymerization reaction carried out without water or play a byproducts of evolution. They are unsaturated polyester resins, phenolic resins compared, exhibit very low contractility (less than 2%) during cure.

5)Mechanical Properties
The cured epoxy resin system with good mechanical property.

6)Electrical Properties
The cured epoxy resin system is a high dielectric properties, resistance to surface leakage, arc resistance excellent insulation.

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