Fiberglass SMC Manhole Covers


Fiberglass SMC manhole covers are mainly used for municipal roads, water supply, power supply, telecommunications, street, residential area, landscape planning, oil and gas production, chemical production, drain cover, sanitation and other projects. Fiberglass SMC manhole covers can be divided to different types:

  1. Heavy: suitable for motor vehicle road or parking space.
  2. Light: no motor vehicles to enter the green, passage, bike lanes or sidewalks.
  3. General type: vehicles road or parking space.

Product performance comparison

ItemCast Iron Manhole CoverFiberglass SMC Manhole Cover
Anti theftThey have recycling value, easy to be stolenNot easy to be stolen because there is no recycling value
Corrosion resistancePoor resistance to acid and alkali corrosionStrong acid and alkali corrosion resistance
Ageing resistanceLow resistance to agingHighly resistant to aging
Survive time5-10 years15-20 years
Compressive strengthUltimate load 36TUltimate load 50T
CostHigh costThe cost is 10-15% lower
Appearance colorcan’t be coloredcan be colored
Environmental protectionHigh energy consumption, multi pollutionSaving resources, green environmental protection

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