Epoxy FRP Product


The epoxy FRP product is a kind of synthetic FRP, which has a wide variety and continuous development of pultrusion technology. The synthetic starting in the 20th century ’30s, in the late 1940s, started J industry production. In the 1960s, the 1970s and successive development of Ding many new epoxy fiberglass pultruded profile types, in recent years as a new type of industrial materials the seed and yield increased year by year. Due to epoxy fiberglass pultruded profiles ship after the curing system has a series of valuable properties. They can be used for sticking agent, coating, casting plastic and fiber reinforced composite material substrate of fiberglass pultruded profiles, etc, they are widely used in mechanical, electrical, chemical, aviation aerospace, ship, automotive, construction and other industrial sectors.

Epoxy fiberglass pultrusion is referred to as the pertinent molecules that have two or two “organic polymer on the ring oxygen group (-IcH- CH) stage. Its molecular structure is too sub chain containing active epoxy groups as its characteristic, this goal can be and curing agent for various types of crosslinking reaction and the formation of insoluble and infusible has to the network structure of polymer.

The commonly used initiator is organic peroxide, and their properties can be expressed as two parameters of the critical temperature and the half-life. The critical temperature to organic peroxides has triggered activity Sheng low temperature and this temperature peroxide began to decompose to produce enough free radicals, thereby triggering the FRP pultruded profiles of the curing reaction.

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