How to Choose the Best and Right Grating?


FRP(Fiber glass reinforced plastic) grating, also call as GFRP grating, it can work for many applications, while its role also various a lot. As the manufacturer of the glass fiber grating, here are some steps reference and advice for the contractors or designers:

First of all, you just need to determine what’s your plan with the FRP grating. Such as, will you use it as decoration or barrier as a wall panel, or you just need it as the bearing plate. For example, if you want to use the grating for car wash store, then the grating should be the bearing plate.

Secondly, after knowing use of the grating, then it is needs to determine the grating’s mesh size and specifications.

We (Unicomposite Technology) will provide and introduce the relevant loading strength and deflection data to you according to your application. For example, as car wash floor, 1”(25mm) or 1.5”(38mm) thickness molded grating will both work, while if for the electroplating equipment factory, commonly  1”(25mm) thickness is used. And in the sewage treatment plant, chemical plant, we mainly need to consider the 1.5”( 38mm) thickness of the grating.

Again, when select the appropriate thickness of the grating, we should calculate the panel size of the grating. Usually, the whole panel size of the grating is 4’x12’ (1220mmx2440mm), if the custom size is needed, then it needs the cut off.

At the last, it needs to determine the appropriate raw materials, especially the resin to produce the grating. For general propose, the resin used for grating is the polyester resin, while if it is used in corrosion environment, such as chemical plant or sewage treatment plant, then it needs the high corrosion resistant resin, such as vinyl ester resin or epoxy resin. While if it is used in fire retardant places, then need to the consider to add related fire resistant addictives or the phenolic resin to be used.

When well understanding and using these steps, you can just choose the best and right grating. And always, you can also send an inquiry to the manufacturer and ask for the information you need and they should help.

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