Fiberglass Cable Reinforced Core


Development trend of pultrusion technology:

(1) the cross-section of the pultruded products is becoming more and more complex..

(2) the cross-sectional size of the pultruded product is developed in a large or small direction.

(3) the production efficiency of the squeeze process is higher and higher..

Fiberglass cable reinforced core is relatively small in diameter (& Oslash 0.5mm ~ 4.5mm) fiberglass bar, it appears gradually replace the original cable metal core and the optical cable reinforced core become all non-metallic material structure, application scope more extensive. The domestic production technique and technology of the enterprise is not very mature, supporting the fiberglass pultruded mold makers also rarely.

The main technical characteristic of glass fiber optic cable reinforced core is:

(1) all non-metallic structures, excellent anti-electromagnetic interference, are suitable for the climate and environmental areas such as the power system.

(2) with the metal core, the reinforced core of the FRP cable has the characteristics of high tensile strength and light weight.

(3) the reinforced core of the FRP reinforced core is bulletproof.

Is the project of the optical cable reinforced core pultrusion speed reached 2.5m / min; and meet the fiberglass cable reinforced core all the performance of products, to replace imported products, saving production costs, create good economic and social benefits.

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