The Characteristics Of FRP Pultrusion Equipment


The characteristics of FRP pultrusion equipment

Some large section in pultruded profile design, strong traction force, stable and reliable operation

I set two kinds of debugging, continuous traction, easy adjustment of the production process

Some excellent double hydraulic system, the system of anti-interference ability

It is equipped with powerful coolers, easy to achieve 24 hours running

It is mainly electrical, hydraulic components adopt international famous brand, high sensitivity, low failure rate

Some fault warning function

Hydraulic pultruding machine working principle and component:

(1). Hydraulic pultrusion machine working principle is the raw material of the glass steel in the mold heating forming, by the two clamping tractions Longmen alternating operation of the straight-out, need of various glass steel profiles.

(2). Hydraulic pultrusion machine by mechanical, hydraulic and electrical three parts. The mechanical part consists of heating frame, the frame and the two clamping gantries; the hydraulic part is composed of two independent hydraulic systems. They are consisting of a pump, a clamping oil cylinder, a thrust cylinder, an integrated valve block, a control valve, valve, oil filter, filter oil cooler, cooler and oil tank components; electrical parts including heater, a temperature controller, a motor, a control box.

Hydraulic type pultrusion machine press tonnage classification and advantages:

According to the pull of gravity, the hydraulic machine is divided into: 12 tons, 16 tons and 20 tons. The size of the traction force depends on the size of the FRP profile.

The benefits of hydraulic pressure type machine include: simple and continuous operation, low operating cost, high reliability and high production efficiency.

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