Factors Affects Pultrsion Mold Quality


Pultrusion mold quality includes the following aspects:

The quality of FRP products: product size stability, compliance, product surface finish products, material utilization and so on;

The service life: when ensuring the quality of products, the mold is able to complete the production quantity.

The pultrusion mold maintenance: whether it is most convenient to use, easy to demoulding, and auxiliary production time should be as short as possible;

The cost of repair.

Design of the parts to be reasonable, as far as possible to choose the best structure design, parts of the designer to taking into account the technical requirements of parts and its structure must meet the mold manufacturing process and feasibility.

The design of the mold is an important step to improve mold quality, we need to take many factors into consideration, including a selection of die material, mold structure and safety, mold parts processing and mold maintenance convenience, etc.

Mold material selection, it is necessary to meet customer requirements on product quality, considering the cost of materials and in setting the period of strength, of course, also according to the type of mold, use, processing speed, the main failure form of factors to material.

The structure is compact, easy to operate, but also to ensure that the mold parts have sufficient strength and rigidity;

In the mold design, we should reduce the disassembly, especially wearing parts replacement, as far as possible to reduce the range of assembly and disassembly of the utility model.

The correct use and maintenance of the pultrusion mold are a major factor in improving mold quality.

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