How To Tell Fiberglass Pultruded Rods Quality


Today we’ll introduce some ways to tell the different quality of fiberglass pultruded rods:

1. From the appearance: bad quality fiberglass rods surface is not smooth, low intensity, and has poor elasticity. This is due to the reasons caused by the poor quality of resin, glass fiber rod bending fracture is glass fiber roving from the shackles of the resin matrix, the cracking form just likes split bamboo products, while the use of low-quality resin products, will fracture as chalk, and result in uniform fracture surface.

2. Observe whether there is a stain on the fiberglass pultruded rods, why should we observe whether the surface of the glass fiber rod has a stain? Because the poor resin is generally dirtier, and there are more impurities, they’ll be going to a curing process in the production. That will make the surface of the fiberglass rod has black spots. If there are too many black spots in normal production, and the quality can’t be guaranteed, then the production quality of the glass fiber rod can’t be guaranteed.

3. Observe cross-section to see whether there is a gap in the cross-section of the product or cracks. Cracks and gap reason is that in the production process of incomplete curing process, and it also depends on the product’s raw materials especially curing agent amount in production, pultrusion speed will affect the product quality as well. Cracks have an influence on the flexural strength of the product.

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