Types Of FRP Tubes


There are many types of fiberglass tubes, today we’ll introduce three types of tubes from aspects of production process, cross sections and raw materials.

1. According to the production process, FRP tubes can be divided into pultruded tubes, pull winding tubes, filament winding tubes, rollers, etc. Filament winding pipe is widely used in the pipeline, and it has the advantages of high transverse strength, longitudinal strength, the disadvantage is it can’t be produced continuously. For pultruded tubes, we can add the enhancement layer to increase the transverse strength, and the surface finish is very smooth, they can be produced continuously, and products can be customized according to customer’s demand, the production efficiency is very high high, the disadvantage is that too large product is difficult to achieve, and it has high requirements of the machine and process. And fiberglass tubes with small and medium-size have wide application.

2. According to the cross-section shapes, fiberglass tubes can be divided into round tubes, square tubes, fiberglass rectangular tubes, etc, and our factory is able to manufacture different tubes at the customer’s request.

3. According to the raw materials, now the most common resin is polyester resin tubes, there are vinyl ester resin, epoxy, phenolic, and other fiberglass tubes, different raw materials will produce tubes with different physical, mechanical and chemical properties. And according to the specific use of the environment, we are able to do customized production and processing of glass fiber tubes to meet customer requirements.

As fiberglass products have more and more applications in our life, we can see more fiberglass products in daily life. FRP tube as a very important branch of fiberglass products, it gets more recognition in different industries because of its various performance characteristics.

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