Factors Effects Pultruded Pipe Strength


The fiberglass pultruded pipe is a kind of non metal pipeline which is corrosion resistance, light weight and high strength. FRP pipeline is made of resin, glass fiber and quartz sand raw materials by special process produced. However, the strength of GFRP is not the same, the factors influencing the strength of FRP pipes which are below:

(1) Filler

In the resin layer material, we need to add some small inert material filler. In general, the purpose of adding filler is to improve the bonding situation, also in order to reduce the resin shrinkage.

(2) Flammability

Fiberglass pultruded pipe flammability depends on the type of resin. Laminated glass with silicone resin, phenolic resin, self-extinguishing, most of the polyester resin burning slowly.

(3) Pore

The proportion of the size of fiber wrapped glass fiber reinforced plastic is made of glass, resin proportion and pore decision. The calculation of the physical properties of the resin casting body is mainly to consider the proportion of resin.

(4). Moldy

Moldy phenomenon is the material moisture or high-temperature conditions, if there is less damage, that may be due to tidal influence.

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