Characteristics Of FRP Pultrusion Products


Characteristics of FRP pultrusion products:

(1) the high tensile strength, pultruded profiles tensile strength is 150 ~ 300MPa, the bending strength can reach 200 ~ 300MPa, the bending strength after the 1000h accelerated aging retention rate can reach 78%.

(2) the low rate of deformation, FRP pultruded profiles after 1000h artificial accelerated aging change in length 0.03%, width change rate is -0.07%. The shape and size of pultruded products can maintain long-term stability.

(3) high heat deformation temperature, fiberglass profiles of thermal deformation temperature is 186 DEG C, they won’t soften at high temperatures, -60 C constant crisp, to ensure the normal use of various environmental temperatures.

(4) the water absorption rate is low, fiberglass products and water absorption rate of less than 0.5%, pultrusion rate is only 0.257%, under the moist environment suitable for use.

(5) heat transfer coefficient and low coefficient of thermal insulation rigid PVC pultruded profile approach, which is made of single frame double glass window insulation coefficient is only 2.69W/ (m2.K), while the thermal insulation coefficient of the same type of steel, and aluminum window made up of 4.0W/ (m2.K), show that the energy-saving fiberglass pultruded doors and windows is very obvious.

(6) strong corrosion-resistance, pultruded profile by 3% HCI solution for 24h, its hardness retention rate was 95%. The 3% NaCl solution for 24h, its hardness retention rate was 89%. Therefore, the FRP pultruded profiles for making doors and windows are not only suitable for general houses, hotels, restaurants, and more suitable for the coastal areas and the corrosive working environment of industrial plant use.

(7) adapt to the production environment, the processing requirements of pultruded profiles which have the characteristics of low noise, high efficiency, low power consumption, low pollution, comply with the relevant national environmental requirements.

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