Features of Fiberglass Tiles and Installation


Fiberglass tiles are widely used in industrial plants, warehouses, greenhouses, stations, wharves, airports, sports buildings, commercial buildings, steel structures and so on.

Features of Fiberglass Tiles and Installation


1. Fiberglass Mining plate have the advantages of anti-corrosion, anti-aging, anti-impact, high transmittance, beautiful forming, low cost, and high quality green building materials.
2. Fiberglass panel with continuous forming, infinite extension, light weight, high strength, resistance to aging, pervious to light, flame retardant, standard size, smooth surface, optional coloring, maintenance free, green environmental protection, etc, the products are widely used in large buildings, modern light steel structure color pressure plate, greenhouses, stadiums, aquaculture and so on.
3. Light transmission: FRP panel natural light health and energy saving, diffuse fiber, comfortable and bright and soft, satisfying human health function requirements, the transmittance can be controlled anywhere between 0-90%.
4. Weather resistance: fiber glass tile in – 40 ℃ to 120 ℃ temperature range performance is stable, no high temperature to soften, cold embrittlement phenomenon. It can also be designed as a double layer structure, with better insulation effect, especially suitable for winter production in cold region of northern China.
5. Corrosion resistance: FRP Mining plate high acid and alkali resistance, non-oxidizing, with a life span of more than 20 years!
6. High strength: strong resistance to impact, can block the impact of snow and hail, and avoid the leaking of nail holes.
7. Flame retardant: the flame retardant index is less than 30%, which meets the national secondary flame retardant standards.

Features of Fiberglass Tiles and Installation

How to install?

1. After the laying, the position of the mining plate shall be reserved, and the construction shall be carried out from the eaves to the roof.The glass fiber mining plate is directly fastened to the side crest of the steel plate.
2. The aperture diameter must be larger than 6-9mm to be used as heat expansion and contraction.
3. When the FRP lighting tile and the steel plate are connected vertically, the minimum must be 200mm overlapped, and two water stops are attached.
4. When the fiberglass lighting tile is fixed, a good pan-water washer must be used to make it between the screw and the mining plate so as to be waterproof and dustproof.
5. After the pan washer is inserted into the screw, to lock into the purline with the electric drill, which is the fixed work of the glass fiber mining plate.
6. When the lighting tile is constructed, it is forbidden to step directly on the wave crest to avoid cracking. You have to place a 1200mm*300mm(long x wide) anti-skid plank in the transverse position of FRP the mining plate,, and step on it to work with the guide hole and fixed screw.


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