FRP arched waste water treatment cover plate


With the gradual improvement of environmental requirements in recent years,sewage treatment station odor of oil and chemical industry, fertilizer, industrial wastewater treatment, medicine, aquaculture, municipal wastewater treatment and other industries has attracted more and more attention, so the market for sewage tank covers (including arched covers, FRP arched cover, sewage pool gas collector cover, fiberglass tank, biological deodorant cover plate, smelly gas collector) is also increasing accordingly. Unicomposite, with many years of environmental protection equipment design and production experience,develop and product FRP arched cover plate (gas collector). It can eliminate the odor of gas overflow,with the subsequent biological filter or other treatment process after discharge. At the same time, to the requirements of more and more large-span sewage treatment stations, we developed a long-span FRP air cover, the span of one single chip can reach up to 25m.

FRP arched waste water treatment cover plate FRP arched waste water treatment cover plate

Technical features of FRP arched cover plate:

1. Strong corrosion resistance: this fiberglass structural profile uses acid and alkali, corrosion-resistant resin as the basis of materials, advanced curing technology applied with excellent curing formula. Specific shape of mold is determined as external mold to shape the products according to the status of the sewage tank. In other word, hand lay-up process is applied for production.

2. Low cost, long service life: low cost, simple installation and construction, long service life, compared to the other sewage pond deodorization solution

3. Lightweight high-strength, easy to install: FRP arched cover plate is only 1/3 to 1/4 of steel one, high degree of curing, high loading support, relatively high strength, suitable for large-span tank, while cover plate can is divided into several small pieces, easy to transport and install.

4. Beautiful, anti-aging: anti-aging, weatherability, anti-ultraviolet gel-coat resin is applied, with very smooth surface, beautiful, bright color, more than 20 years of life span.

5. Low cost of operation and maintenance, easy maintenance: because it has a good performance of corrosion resistance and anti-aging. As regular maintenance is not required like metal products, leading to a substantial reduction of cost. Reserve observation window on the air collector cover and the reservation door at the bottom to facilitate workers to inspect and make sure that maintenance not affecting the normal operation of equipment.

6. Strong design able: according to the specific situation of the field ,it can be very flexible to design. Shape can be of curved cover, round cover, flat cover and so on.

7. A wide range of applications: sewage treatment plant deodorization of the following industries: petroleum, chemical, municipal, pharmaceutical, food, metallurgy, compound fertilizer, textile and dyeing industry etc. Hand contacting method involves in the production.

FRP material properties:
Basic parameters: Tensile strength: ≮200pa; impact resistance: ≮20j/cm2;
Flexural strength: ≮150pa; density: ≮1800kg/cm3
Physical properties: Babbitt hardness: ≮50; rough rate: 0.0084;
Elongation rate: 0.8%; wear resistance: ≥99.98%;
Poisson coefficient: 0.3; Oxygen index: >36; Temperature resistance:-50~110℃; Flame retardant performance: conforms to ASTM-E84 A grade (Flame burning speed is less than 25)

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