Advantage of Fiberglass Lighting Pole


With the development of lighting technology, urban outdoor lighting has also undergoing tremendous changes. It is an inevitable trend to seek new materials and new products. Unicomposite firmly believes that FRP light poles will be recognized by the end users and the public. Here is the explanation and introduction to the advantages of FRP lampposts. The advantages of fiberglass lighting poles as below:

  1. Light weight and high strength: the strength ratio of FRP material is the very similar as that of advanced alloy steel. Its density is 1.5~2.0, which is 1/4~1/5 of carbon steel and its tensile strength is equivalent. Therefore, the light pole with the same specification, fiberglass one is about 1/3 of the steel bar. Based on this characteristic, the fiberglass lamp pole is especially suitable for the applications for example bridge where has the load requirement.
  2. Corrosion resistance: FRP is a good anti-corrosion material. It has good resistance to atmosphere, water and general concentration of acid, alkali, salt, and many kinds of oil and solvent. Therefore, FRP pultrusion pipes can be well adapted to moist in the South and coastal cities with high salt content in the air. There will be no apparent change in appearance and interior during the whole life cycle of the lamppost. This is unparalleled in ordinary steel bars
  3. Insulation is good: FRP is a good insulating material and can be used to manufacture insulators. Therefore, during the use of FRP light poles, there will be no electric shock accident caused by electricity leakage. Although metal lampposts are installed with earth protection devices, they can never be foolproof. Therefore,  fiber reinforced plastic lamp posts have certain advantages in high safety requirements (such as sidewalks, parks).
  4. Maintenance free: glass fiber reinforced fiberglass rods are not required for maintenance during the whole period of usage because of their corrosion resistance. Special spraying coating is used on the surface to ensure that there will be no obvious fading in ten years. Under the situation that street lighting maintenance funds are relatively scarce, it highlights our advantages even more.
  5. Surface is smooth and beautiful: the surface of the fiberglass lamp rod has a good affinity with the outer coating, so the surface of the lamp post is very smooth and more beautiful than the ordinary steel bar.
  6. Low installation cost: because of its light weight, FRP pultruded lamp posts do not require cranes when installed. They are simple and quick in installation and little impact on traffic. In the street lamp project, the labor cost accounts for about 20%~30% of the total cost. If FRP poles applied, cost could be reduced effectively.
  7. Strong wind resistance: the fiberglass material has a slight elasticity. The fiberglass rod will produce about 10% of the amplitude when the typhoon comes. But this is plastic deformation. After typhoon, it will still return to its original position. The principle of wind resistance is similar to that of bamboo.

Welcome to contact us for fiberglass lighting poles made by Unicomposite. We could custom to your requirements, not only FRP pole but also other type of FRP sectional profiles, like driveway markers, battens, FRP beams.

Advantage of Fiberglass Lighting Pole Advantage of Fiberglass Lighting Pole

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