Roving Creel And Mat Rack Layout


The reasonable arrangement of the roving creel is one of the important conditions to ensure the pultrusion production smoothly. We should select a certain number of roving, and go through the small holes of the creel. Please note that the entanglement phenomenon is not allowed, then passes through the yarn dividing plate, a pressure roving clamp, and a preforming system. In the process of wearing roving, we should always follow the principle that the roving is clear no cross and entanglement at all stages. Some pultruded product production needs to add the mat, which needs to be cut to a suitable size according to the production process requirement. After roving has passed through the preforming plate, we need to bundle them with cotton or fine fiber, then the operator will pull and drag it at the pultrusion mold exit with copper wire. And wrap roving at intervals and ensure drawing grip the roving clamping and all the roving can also pass under the traction force.

In the actual pultrusion production process, the roving often knots, for these phenomena, we need to discover timely and give solutions, and should not let these roving go through preforming system and pultrusion mold to avoid blocking production. For fiberglass pultruded profiles which have high requirements on strength, fiberglass roving knot will affect the strength seriously.

When we change the fiberglass mat, joint alignment first with a needle, and avoid they block the mold entrance.

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