Fiberglass Bridge


Bridge decks of fiber reinforced polymer(FRP) is considered as a sustainable solution.

FRP bridge decks have become an interesting alternative and they have attracted increasing attention for applications in the refurbishment of existing bridges and the construction of new bridges. The benefits brought by lightweight, high-strength FRP materials to these applications are well recognized:

  1. Lower maintenance cost and replacement costs.
  2. Longer life span
  3. Less inconvenience for the public due to shorter installation periods
  4. Corrosion Resistance
  5. FRP is 80%-90% lighter than concrete

FRP Shapes is applied in the main three application areas:

  1. FRP pedestrian bridges
  2. FRP highway bridge decks and girders
  3. Highway bridge systems made of hybrid reinforced concrete and FRP components

Unicomposite is in the position to manufacture and supply FRP Bridge Systems together with other custom shapes. Welcome to contact us anytime.

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