Fiberglass Caterpillar Pultruded Production Line


Fiberglass pultruded caterpillar production line is controlled by PLC, and it combines continuous traction and automatic cutting of pultruded profiles automated configuration. The production line is composed of the roving creel, dipping and pre forming, extrusion molding, continuous curing pultrusion tractor, cutting saw and unloading frame parts.

Pultruded caterpillar line production process is completely mechanical and automatic control and has high production efficiency. Temperature control has high precision and performance acceptance of digital instruments, traction speed. For wind volume stability, good repeatability, the production process without waste material of the horn side, save labor, material, energy consumption. The production line for the production of all kinds of tension FRP pultruded profiles, such as the core of the fiberglass wire cable protection pipe, FRP pipe, glass steel, fiberglass rods, fiberglass tent pole, pultruded I-beam section angle profiles, hollow profiles, and the glass fiber reinforced plastic insulation ladder. FRP products have been widely applied in many industries: electrical, anti-corrosion engineering, building industry, transportation, entertainment and others.

FRP caterpillar equipment has pultruded mold frame plan, and production line can be achieved three-dimensional production process, the effective compressing length is 4 meters, which is conducive to the hollow thin-walled aluminum profile production, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene chain guide, wear-resisting, cover products from pollution, a group open typetraction frame, convenient adjustment, and ensure the effective traction and products to accept international tension electrical components, high brand, high sensitivity and low failure rate.

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