Three Types Of Fiberglass Cover


Fiberglass cover is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, it has an absolute advantage to occupy the first position. Although the strength of the pultruded or hand lay-up cover is less than that of the metal cover, its corrosion-resistant performance is extremely good. In terms of carrying capacity is far better than the wooden and plastic cover, the FRP cover safety performance is far better than the above covers.

Below are three main types of fiberglass cover:

1. Trench cover

Trench cover is a kind of glass fiber reinforced plastic cover which is most widely used, such as the common ditch cover, trench cover, sewer ditch cover plate and so on. It has superior performance, and the characteristics of light weight and high strength, and high wear resistance, the surface of the fiberglass pultruded or hand lay-up cover will be skid and abrasion resistance treatment of certain.

2. Cable trench cover

A cable trench cover strictly speaking belongs to trench cover, but the general and trench cover has relatively high production requirements. The first one is the performance requirement, non conducting is the primary condition, then the installation requirements are higher, they should be met the requirement of the specified.

3. Fiberglass pultruded gratings and molded gratings cover

The scope of application of gratings cover is smaller than the above covers, the main reason is the use of fiberglass gratings replacement, and it doesn’t need to select grating with more production process of the grating. Such as fiberglass pool cover and platform walkway.

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