Fiberglass Pultruded Corrugated Sheet Introduction


Fiberglass pultruded corrugated sheet is fiberglass reinforced polyester material, it also can be called Glassfibre Reinforced Polyester (GRP).

With light weight and high strength, light transmittance characteristics of high resistance, flame retardant, water, etc. They can be widely used in 1. animal and plant lighting.  2. industrial plants and civil building roof, wall lightings, such as plants with lighting, hotel hall, gymnasium, swimming pool, parking cover plate and a bottom plate. 3. solar water heater.

The main components of the plate are the film, polyester and glass fiber reinforced. The film will play a very good anti-ultraviolet antistatic effect, anti-ultraviolet polyester to protect the fiberglass sheet of aging

FRP corrugated light sheet characteristics:

1. Light transmission rate is 50% – 85%

2. The thermal conductivity of FRP is 0.158w/m.k

3. Structure of FRP use the film and glass fiber reinforced, the tensile strength of FRP is higher, loading is similar to steel material.

Design considerations:

1. Service time: according to the service life of the building, the lighting sheet has different service time, there are 10, 15, 20 and 25 years of fiberglass sheet to ensure the service time.

2. Light transmission: different areas have different requirements of the daylighting area and whether they should be uniformly distributed in the roof.

3. Wall thickness: according to the local wind pressure and snow pressure, pultruded corrugated lighting sheet height and distance of the support will require different wall thicknesses.

4. Heat insulation anti condensation: double-layer fiberglass pultruded corrugated plate can be in cold areas, in the pultrusion process, adding heat insulation additive can guarantee the lighting rate and heat penetration rate will be greatly reduced,which is suitable for supermarkets and warehouse.

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