Characteristics Of Pultruded Gratings And Molded Gratings:

Anti-skid: Crescent concave nature of the surface of the product, the surface can also be sanded so that the anti-skid performance is better, avoid to cause an accident when operating slide. At the same time, we can provide a flat surface pattern.
No magnetic insulation: alternative metal grating used in magnetic sensors and conducting risk platform applications. The fatigue resistance of the FRP gratings has some flexibility, which makes long-term workers comfortable, as a working platform, fiberglass pultruded and moded gratings can reduce the staff back and legs tension and increase the comfort, which can improve the work efficiency, so it has been recommended for human engineers.
Good comprehensive economic benefit: Compared with ordinary carbon steel, FRP gratings are low cost, although the one-time investment is higher than that of ordinary carbon steel, because of its long service life, they can be used for more than twenty years, and no maintenance, and therefore its overall economic efficiency is much better than that of carbon steel.
Convenient installation: the use of fiberglass gratings makes component weight reduced greatly, thus reducing the support weight of the structure, and don’t need to use lifting equipment, which is economical and convenient.
Security: None electric spark occurs due to the collision in the installation of fiberglass gratings, they are especially suitable for use in flammable and explosive environment. In addition, pultruded and molded gratings have a non slip surface layer that can prevent slipping, the basic mechanical properties of FRP pultruded profile to reduce the accident: the tensile strength is 245MPa, the shear modulus is 15.0GPa. Fiberglass graints resistance to chemical corrosion and environmental good insulation and excellent performance and good mechanical properties particularly light weight and long service life, no maintenance good waterproof performance is flame retardant, high safety degree of deformation, stability performance is good, bright color, never fade, handsome in appearance, generous and easy installation, rapid temperature dimensional stability we can according to your request to design a suitable price, good quality products, also can according to your style or your drawings to produce your product.
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