Fiberglass Fence Characteristics And Series


The characteristics of fiberglass fence with pultruded tubes:

FRP fence surface is coated with a layer of anti-aging material, long service life, maintenance-free, corrosion resistance and excellent insulating performance, beautiful appearance, lightweight, convenient processing and color optional.

Electricity system usually adopts the traditional guardrail steel materials, heating, electromagnetic induction electromagnetic field for high resolution and high voltage, increasing copper or stainless steel non-magnetic material in the steel fence, t will increase the cost, but still can’t fundamentally solve the above problem. These problems will make the operation and maintenance personnel from electric shock, a metal fence fever induced currents in the big, serious hidden dangers to the operation and maintenance personnel and equipment operation, and also make the maintenance workload increased corrosion of steel. Made of fiberglass pultruded guardrail is easy to solve this problem, because the glass steel material is nonmagnetic materials, non conducting material, and has the characteristics of high strength, corrosion resistance, easy processing, maintenance-free.

Standard fiberglass fence/handrail:

50 square tube handrail series: it consists of 50 * 50 square, with a diameter of 25~35mm fiberglass tubes, molded connector.

50mm FRP pultruded tube series: it is made up of 50mm tubes, elbow, 3-way-connector, for molding and assembly base.

50 square tube series: FRP pultruded 50 * 50 square tubes and connecting piece

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